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Apr. 24th, 2005 11:28 am just got back from another bout of flu~~~

*sigh* i spent three horrible days in bed, nursing a fever, and a flu (again!)
because of this, i didnt go to my interviews... but that's ok, since it's only for cinderella and security bank anyway.. XD
i also missed several trainings and meetings that i really wanted to go to..

for those three days, i ended up watching a lot of tv, dvds and vcds, which my cousin lent me..
can you believe it? i watched really old movies like breakfast at tiffany's (tell me, is the ditzy heroine here really just ignorant, or plain s-t-u-p-i-d ?!? ), roman holiday, where a runaway princess pretends to be a commoner and a news reporter pretends not to know her majesty for the sake of getting a story(which was okay, except for the fact that i didnt quite get where they left off being "just friends" to being "in love" ... 5 minutes ago, his friend was photographing her for a story and the next they were in love? what is up with that? )... and these movies supposedly won oscar awards?!? anyhow, audrey hepburn looked very elegant and graceful in her roles.

anyways, i also watched more recent movies like harry potter 3, honey, raising helen, bridget jones2 and gothika (with the lights on, of course!) i cant bear watching scary movies.. so sue me! my imagination runs riot in the dark... gothika is a good movie, tho not as good as sixth sense and the others..

what i dont get in the movie, gothika, is this..
there is a scene where halle berry is in a cell and is being thrown repeatedly on the wall by this angry ghost.. and this is seen by the guards in the camera (.. but minus the ghost) so that they rush off to her jail cell to stop her from injuring herself..
cut to another scene before that one, where penelope cruz is being "raped" by this guy with the weird tatoo on his chest, in a jail cell similar to that of halle berry's.. halle berry sees it because she happened to be outside penelopr cruz's cell at the time and so screams for help.. and the guards dont believe her, thinks penelope cruz was just hurting herself, etc
what i dont understand is that how come they see halle berry being thrown on the wall but dont see penelope cruz being raped? they occupy more or less similar jail cells, which means both cells more or less have cameras since they are in a psychiatric unit that did require that heavy seclusion... so whats with that?!?

o well, whatever!~ :p

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Mar. 25th, 2005 04:37 pm ugh!

today i feel perfectly and completely wretched!!! :(

i have the flu and i feel really, really sick...
i feel so woozy, my head is aching, my neck feels swollen, and i can barely swallow and lift my head up.

i didnt get much sleep last night, kept waking up coz i couldnt breathe, and perpetually had to go to the bathroom due to the 4 glasses of tea, 2 glasses of juice that i drank before going to bed. (practically got up every 2 hours :( )
my throat hurts, and yesterday i finished 16 tablets of lozenges... i feel utterly bloated... :S

i can hardly function today, i just want this thing to be over with... :( ugh! serves me right for not taking my vitamins... help! someone deliver me from this flu! :( *sniff, sniff*

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Mar. 11th, 2005 02:58 pm my day :)

Today is a more or less satisfying day, except for the EXTREME heat...

In the morning..
i got my grades! and here it is..

O/S - C (cant complain since i dont think i particularly aced the exam, given that i neglected to read instructions in the
exam that probably cost me the possible raising of my grade)
Theo - C+ (now this i understand since i got a C+ in my orals)
Philo - C+ (this is ok, i guess, given that i scored low in my exams-- had a hard time adjusting to reading and
understanding filipino readings, so sue me! :p )
History - C+ (have absolutely no idea why i got this grade when most of my tests are high, except for a few failed quizzes..)
Hokkien - B+ (bring me more of these B's! )
ITM - * (no grade yet, guess jolpy isnt finished processing it )

As i look at my grades, i notice the proliferation of C's and C+'s... and i ask myself... what happened to all the B's and B+'s and the A's i used to have? i really got good grades until this year... worked real hard from freshman year to junior year.. my average QPI was mostly 3 above.. it's only this whole year that i had a 2-something QPI, and boy, that's really sad :(

as i glanced at the paper stating my grades, i ask myself, why didnt i work hard during senior year? well, i guess that some days i was just plain l-a-z-y, other times i just felt burnt out from all the stress ateneo heaps, but mostly, i really didnt see the point of it all. i didnt see the point of studying my butt off just to land an 8-5 hour job paying me a minimum of P15k/month or even less. i didnt relish the thought of being in the rat race that is employment, which would get me absolutely nowhere. i have other plans for myself than that.

irnonic, isnt it, that now i am forced to look for a job, settling on a compromise with my mother in order to do what i want to do. hence, i am now in a limbo, not just because of this sudden job-seeking "interest" of mine, but also other things that i wont go into right now...

oh well, enough talk about that!
the afternoon was great, anyway, despite the HEAT (again!) and the ceaseless TRAFFIC! (ugh!)
went shopping with my cousin for a grad dress, catching up on where we left off...

my cousin's the best! i could tell her absolutely everything! even tho we might not have talked for a really really really long time, there's always this feeling of closeness. i loved catching up with what's going on in her life..
plus, she has a really great taste in clothes :) i dont trust my own taste in shopping, but i do hers, and whenever i buy something when she's with me, i usually dont regret buying it later.

on the other hand, when i do shop on my own.. oh well, never mind. lets just say that more often than not, i do experience buyer's remorse afterwards... thats why i'm glad that she's with me~!

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Feb. 28th, 2005 01:59 pm my very first journal entry!

shall i start with... 'dear diary'... ??
hmm... nope, too lame hehe :p

i'm so very proud... my very first journal entry... but hopefully not going to be the last :)
i'm not really a journal kinda girl. let me just say that i'm not the type to write down what happens to me on a paper, or in this case, the computer.

it is kinda great, tho, that you get to see whats been happening with everyone else's lives... :)

anyways, back to what's been happening with me...
today is monday, 2:05pm, listening to Obsession by Frankie J (whoever that is). just opened my YM today, and oh joy! music comes out! now it's playing black eyed peas let's get retarted... now we're talking! :P

anyways, i digress.
today is monday, the start of the week, and i am feeling L-A-Z-Y...
no more classes, absolute freedom from school, bring on more days like these!
not only feeling LAZY, but also very DEPRESSED ...

last week was the pits! (FINALS WEEK)
allow me to do a recap...
wednesday - 2 tests, one after the other (lucky me, some of my coursemates had 4 tests that day)
thursday - a project (thesis) defense
friday - a theo oral defense and a philo oral defense
*kill me now!

it wouldn't have been so bad if i did well on those tests, but what happened was...

i studied really hard on my tests (OS and ITM)...
wasnt too confident about ITM (no one is anyway), but for my OS test, damn i even consulted my teacher before the test, and it blew up in my face because i didnt follow some stupid directions! *urgh!*

all of my groupmates were able to defend our project well, all but me! *sigh, sigh* oh well, i guess i deserved that for staying up the night before watching cutting edge and mulan 2 at our project manager's house hehe :p
after the defense, i was supposed to start studying for my theo defense but i ended up burning CDs at our project manager's house of movies i wanted to watch ( lucky me, he had tons of movies downloaded on his PC that i've always wanted to watch but never had time to :P )... also ended up watching elektra and a shark's tale at his house hehe (never realized i was such a movie addict) ... so basically spent the whole afternoon and evening doing unproductive things when i was supposed to have been studying...
and so that night i resolved to get up at 1:30 am to study...

... and woke up 6:00am, did some cramming, and bungled up the theo orals, which i have been studying for since last week.
then i crammed studying for my philo orals for 3 hours, and know what? i think i did better in a test that i havent studied much for compared to tests that i have spent so much time studying for! (ironic isnt it?!?)

oh well, that's how my life is in a nutshell!
i have finally finished all my academic requirements, which now makes me a graduate of Ateneo, hopefully with decent grades this semester...

hello world! i am ready to face whatever u throw my way! *gulp!
meeting a mentor of mine tonight to discuss all my plans for the future, which i know will turn out great! ;)

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